Why Join?

The Broward County Health Care Coalition incentivize diverse and often competitive healthcare organizations with differing priorities to work together to prepare for and respond to events that threaten the public’s health. Serving as both a coordinating entity, the health care coalition (HCC) ensure that their members have the necessary resources, real-time information and communication systems to respond to emergencies.

Our membership provides vital services to our community in the wake of all types of disasters, including large-scale incidents like hurricanes, public health emergencies such as COVID-19, and even smaller, more-localized events that impact the health of those who live here. Ensuring high-quality patient care during disasters and other surge incidents relies largely on coordination and collaboration among health care stakeholders. 

Please refer to the Resources page for the list of current members. If your agency is not a current member, please click on the link below to submit a request to become a member of the Broward County Healthcare Coalition. 

Benefits of Joining:

  • Health care community collaboration and networking
  • Access to free trainings and exercises
  • Access to funding to support health and medical preparedness initiatives

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